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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 29, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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mind and vote for it. to some extent, it's working. >> i am. i absolutely am now enthusiastic. >> reporter: the speaker is finding new support because his proposal now calls for congress to send the constitutional balanced budget amendment to the state for ratification. it would be tied to a second debt limit increase related next year. >> reporter: dem the crat -- democrats say this is a deal breaker. over on the senate side, majority leader harry reid wants republican leader to work with him on a last-minute deal. >> we hold our arms out to be vigilant. talk to me how we can strengthen my legislation. >> reporter: there are just four days left before the government runs out of money to pay its bills. president obama urged lawmakers to find a way out of the stalemate before it's too late. >> the time for putting party first is open. the time for compromise on behalf of the american people is now. >> reporter: congress will spend the weekend trying to craft the consensus that will end the crisis.
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jay dow, cbs news, washington. >> all right. once again, here's a live look at the house of representatives where the vote on a debt plan could begin at any moment. wjz will keep you updated and bring you the vote as soon as it happens. >> deadly collapse at a construction site. one worker killed. another seriously hurt when a wall at the arundel mills slots site comes crashing down. we're live at the scene. meghan mccorkell has the latest. >> reporter: the section of the wall that came down was about 30 feet by 40 feet. take a look behind me, worker his to use the massive crane to lift that one section of the wall. but one worker was already dead. >> reporter: just before 10:00 this morning, rescue workers were called to the arundel mills casino site. a wall tumbles down on top of a construction worker. >> details are sketchy as to what caused the wall to fall. >> reporter: 27 leon ray sacks of hanover, pennsylvania, was inside this blue bucket list when the wall crushed him.
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darvon jimenez was also injured when he was hit by that wall. >> reporter: that patient was transported. priority one. to shock trauma in baltimore. via ground ambulance. >> reporter: chopper 13 was over the scene, as firefighters worked to recover the body of the worker. rescue crews were also called in to help because of today's extreme heat. >> we actually operate with a -- under work-rest cycles. and today, with the temperatures and humidity, we can only get 15 minutes out of each crew. >> reporter: after about 4 hours, rescue workers recovered the body. now, investigators are trying to determine what caused that wall to come down. >> reporter: and at this point, the death is being reported as an accident. osha is investigating. we're live at arundel mills mall, i'm meghan mccorkell. >> it is slated to open in limited fashion in 2012. hot, hazy and humid.
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baltimore boils once again under a heat advisory. after a break from the nationwide heat wave, mother nature dishes out another triple-digit day. wjz found boaters hitting the water again today, no doubt, starting their weekend early. hopefully they wore sun screen. here's a live look outside right now. it's unseasonably hot. will the heat keep us inside this weekend? bob turk has a look at your forecast from the first warning weekend. normal high is only 87. and believe it or not, it's dropped down to 100 right now. but we do have a record that we want to show you this afternoon. a little while ago, we got up to 101. a brand-new record on this day. the previous record was back in 1954, it was 99 degrees. take a look at our computer real quick. we still have an advisory for that heat, until 9:00 tonight for the entire region. severe thunderstorm watch across portions of pennsylvania. last report was 101. but we just dropped to 100. the dew point has also dropped down to 63, by the way.
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computer hasn't quite updated. but we're still looking at a heat index. heat index over 100. but last week, you might remember, a heat index was 117, as the dew point was in the 77 range. there you see the records. 101, the old record, way back in 1954. 99 degrees. now, we do have some relief coming our way. we'll tell you about that later this evening. >> all right, thank you, bob. stay with wjz throughout the day, with on air and online coverage. for constant updates on the forecast and the heat-related closures, go to we're learning more tonight about a body found in the trunk of a car in northeast baltimore. the body was found this morning in a black lexus at gay and preston streets. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene. as investigators began taping off the crime scene. tonight, police have confirmed the victim is a pan. they say his death -- is a man. they say its death is
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suspicious. police in anne arundel county need help finding the driver who was responsible for a hit- and-run accident. monique griego is live with more on how you can help. >> reporter: police say a witness came forward with crucial evidence that could help lead them to the driver. take a look at this car. detectives believe this hyundai elant ra ran over a man on a bicycle. a witness took the picture after the crash tuesday night on east college parkway, near bayhead road in anap annapolis. the injured biker is being treated at university of maryland, shock trauma. >> any information about the car or the accident is asked to call police. two men accused of swiping historical documents from a baltimore museum appear in federal court. wjz has the story. mike schuh has more from federal courthouse downtown. [ sirens ] >> document dealer barry landau's hearing lasted just 20 minutes. and thool though it is easier to get bail, the judge is
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appearing. they were arrested three weeks ago, when police say they were spotted taking abraham lincoln documents from the maryland historical society. the two are charged with theft and conspiracy. and museums across the country are now checking to see if presidential documents are missing. landau's release is put off until monday at the earliest because he couldn't be interviewed by the court before today's hearing. this is his attorney. >> reporter: and the bottom line is, if he's not a danger to the community. and there's no reasonable basis that he's a risk of flight, she's going to release him. >> reporter: the prosecutor says more charges are yet to come. and he eluded to the fact that the two may have stolen documents from the national archive. reporting live, mike schuh, capitol hill. back to you. >> landau was believed to be the largest collector to have presidential documents outside of presidential libraries. training camp is in the
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works for baltimore ravens. wjz is live at the training complex in owings mills. sports director mark viviano has the latest from the team. hello, mark. >> hello, denise. they are busy. and this career's raven -- year's ravens team is young, for sure. we told you earlier this year how they had to cut the veteran players like todd heap and derk mason. -- derrick mason. soy more than half are rookies. the ravens have a history of drafting good players in the first round. many with that defensive legacy, as you mentioned, ray lewis, peter bol wear, -- peter bull wear and chris mcalitir. now, it will be time for jimmy smith to show us what we can bring to baltimore. >> as a ravens draft pick, jimmy smith is number 1. and with a high pick come high expectations. >> to me, a.m.
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going -- i'm going to go do what i can do. and if i start, i start. if i don't, i'm going to contribute some other way. >> reporter: smith wears his heart on his sleeve, literally. and he's added new tattoos since he was drafted. >> on the field running alongside veterans and for the first time, realizing he's a teammate of ray lewis. >> it's nothing like awe. i mean, ray lewis was playing in the league when i was sich years -- cephen -- seven years old. i'm kind of passed that, you know. >> i think he's got a ways to go. we have a lot of work. obviously, he's got all of the tools. he's got a good attitude. it's a hard worker. i think he's got to learn how to be a pro. and he very certainly can do that. >> so jimmy smith hit the ground running. today was also the day of a delayed debut for another rookie, you would have to say.
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sergio kindle, the linebacker who was the ravens top draft pick last year but missed all of the season because of a head injury. we'll hear from him coming up in sports. >> ravens will hold a practice that is open to the public. that will be at m&t bank stadium, august 6th. gates open at 9:00 a.m. practice starts at 10:00. make sure to stay with wjz. complete coverage of the ravens training camp. we'll bring you the latest updates, interviews and players signed and cut. in her own words. the baltimore police officer who plunge off the baltimore expressway makes her first public appearance. gigi barnett is there, as officer teresa rigby makes a special thank you. >> reporter: officer teresa rigby, walking is a struggle. [ applause ] but today, she made a special journey to visit the children of zion baptist church in east baltimore. >> i just want to thank all the children and everybody else for
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all the prayers. all of the prayers really helped. [ crying ] >> reporter: rigby fell off the jones falls expressway, landing 25 feet below. it happened as she was helping a stranded driver. another car smashed into the disabled car rigby was helping and that caused a chain reaction. throwing rigby over the jersey wall. >> i think it's a miracle that she made it. >> reporter: kids at the church's summer camp wanted to reach out. >> one of the kids at the camp is the son of a police officer. and it was his suggestion. >> reporter: they support rigby this banner. >> i wanted to say that she feels better and i hope she gets well. >> i hope that doesn't happen to her again. >> reporter: now, out of shock trauma, with her fractured hip, willing and shoulder, and a broken jaw that is wired, officer rigby got the message. >> i just appreciate them, you know, even taking the time to make me a banner. i'm going to put it up in my office, and think about it all the time, every day i see it. and i really appreciate it.
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>> she's so courageous. as a way to say thank you, officer rigby threw a pizza party for the children in the summer camp today. kai, back to you. >> all right, gigi, thank you. officer rigby promises to keep in touch with her young well wishers. still to come tonight. losing her job over love. a former astronaut gets the boot from the navy. howard county is starting a new environmental program. i'm monique griego. coming up, we'll tell you how this bin could mean less trash for you. meet baltimore's newest scientists and engineers, as dozens of elementary schoolers show off their summer invention. i'm andrea fujii. in east baltimore, that's just ahead on eyewitness news. sizzling summer heat grips maryland. is there relief on the way? your updated first warning forecast is coming up. wjz is following a developing story from washington, d.c., where the house could vote on a budget plan any minute. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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howard county is paving the way on more recycling. >> reporter: recycling isn't an annoying chore for carl hos. it's something he takes seriously. >> anywhere i go, we're recycling today. i just shred it, throw it here. >> reporter: his job just got easier, thanks to a new county
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pilot program that allows residents to recycle food particles reserved for the trash. >> reporter: alicia moore says says residents will be given a new bin. >> this means egg shells, breads, fruits, vegetables and pizza boxes be can be made into compost. it's deputily a lifestyle change or habit change. but it is easy to do. >> if you're not part of a pilot program other you can always do your composting at home by using one of these bins provided by the county. >> this is just for the average resident to cut their grass or leaves. >> reporter: less money spent on disposal and more money for residents who won't pay higher
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trash fees. >> better for me. for the county. for the earth. >> moore says they plan to expand it county wide. >> good for the environment. >> it is, indeed. thank you, monique griego. for more on how to enroll in the pilot program, log onto our website, the man brought in the wake of the -- brought in, in the wake of the stent scandal at saint joseph's medical center is now stepping down. jeffrey norman resigned as president and ceo today. it was revealed that cardiologist mark midei falsified medical records. earlier this month, the state medical examiner revoked the practice. repaying medicare fund. well, making summer school fun. that was the goal of a brand-
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new city schools program, designed to get young students excited about science. in this wjz school watch, andrea fujii shows us their inventions on the last day of class. >> third graders, racing egg carts. kindergarteners designing their ultimate playground. and first graders creating a school recycling project. it's all part of the first-ever summer stem program. >> 22 schools around the city are participating. science, technology, engineering and math classes. >> in a couple of months they'll be gung ho and ready to go for the school year. >> reporter: kimkimberly cardonna learned all about meal work. >> they look like worms, but
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they're actually needles. >> jesse learned about powerboats. >> i did a really good job. and i worked hard to make this. >> reporter: this summer program was so successful, now there's a push to get these interactive stem classes added during the entire school jeer. on -- school year. on the last day of class, hand- drawn academics can bring smiles. >> if they can't read, they help them read. if they don't know with math, they help with math. help them be like better students. >> reporter: andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: and the summer stem program was four weeks long. wjz is following breaking news. a chopper has reportedly crashed in harford county. let's go to sky eye chopper 13 over the scene right now. mike, whose chopper was this? and is anyone hurt? >> it's not clear at this point who it belongs to. but this is a huge helicopter 300.
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it's a little two-seater piston helicopter. this is in the 4,000 block in conowingo road. darlington, harford county. it was reported about hay half hour ago. -- about a half hour ago. it was in the trailer park. but we have been looking around for it for sometime. we are told that the pilot is not critically injured. he is being transported to a local area hospital, with nonlife-threatening injuries. but as you can see, this aircraft is pretty well destroyed. the tail boom is completely cephered from it. -- severed from it. the landing gear is crushed and all three rotor blades have come off. it's not clear right now if the faa will be called. naturally, we think that will be the natural force, the faa would be called. you can see, this is completely destroyed. it appeared to be landing at a private landing strip here in darlington. there is no word whether anybody else was on board.
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stay stun -- tuned. >> mike, we know you're flying a much more powerful bird. but this is something you may have seen from time to time, right? >> yes. this particular airport, i'm not sure who it belongs to. but this is exactly the aircraft that i flew. an old shweitzer model, piston helicopter. you can see it has at least two gas tanks on it. it's not clear at this point if this was an engine failer -- failure or what exactly occurred. whatever happened, he landed quite hard. back to you. >> thank you, captain mike perry. bob is going to give us the weather. hot, hot record day today. >> look at the current temperature right now. 100, right on the nose. dew point continues to drop. it's down to 64 degrees. humidity down to 31%. west winds at 12.
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barometer falling a little bit. come back and take a look at relief for the weekend coming up. theus house of representatives is voting on a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,debt crisis.
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all right. breaking news. the house has just voted one plan, raising the debt ceiling. >> well, denise, it has passed
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with 218 votes. republicans needed 216 votes. no democrats voted for it. no independents voted for it, but it has passed the house. and you're taking a live look there, at the chamber. you can see the vote there, 218 republicans say yes. 20 said no. all the democrats voted against this. now, the september -- in -- the senate, this is expected to be dead on arrival. at least that's what the democrats are saying, that they don't have enough votes there to pass it. so they're saying it's a moot point. two of the sticking points here are that it would only raise the debt limit until january. and then at that point, they would have to go through this entire process again. the president has said he will veto the republican plan. the other sticking point is also it requires a balanced budget amendment. and that is something that speaker boehner put in at the last minute to try to get some of the tea party republicans over to his side because this vote had been put off when he
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did not have enough votes. originally, this vote was supposed to take place last night and didn't happen. but at this point, you saw those results. 218 republicans voted for this. that is enough margin for this topaz the -- to pass the house. now, the president asking democrats in the senate to take the lead on this. and senator reid has his own plan, which would extend the debt limit up to 2012. that's the latest from what we're hearing in washington right now. it's now up to democrats in the senate to take charge. republicans passed their plan in the house. >> all of this, and then four days until the deadline. all right, thank you very much, mike hellgren, as you just heard, the house has passed john boehner's plan. and now it goes to the senate, where it has been threatened to be dead on arrival. >> yeah, the debate and discussion over this issue is not done yet. we'll have more for you as it
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comes about. now, let's check in with bob turk and our weather. bob? >> tracking shower and thundershower activity. you folks in washington county, garrett, allegheny county. you're going to see the showers in your neighborhood pretty soon. closer to baltimore, got to wait a little while. might see some of these affecting the region. right now, they're weakening a little bit. but we might see gusty winds and nice little downpours. look at the temperatures now. it's still, at last report, from bwi marshall. 100. 102 in washington. 81 in oakland. 97 in cumberland. and 87, ocean city. the dew point has continued to come down. dry air, to tell you the truth. but our heat index, slightly above the temperature. at 103. last week, our heat index got to 117 last friday. dew point with 77 degrees. so the dew point has made a huge difference. yes, it's hot. but nothing like we saw last week. 101, 77 today. a very warm night.
6:27 pm
87, 66 are the armies. and the -- armies. and -- averages. and the record low, 59. west winds coming down the mountains do tend to heat things up and dry things out. the front continues to press a little further to the south. so tonight, later on, should showers and thunderstorm activity behind it. we'll start seeing some dryer air coming in tomorrow. it won't be a whole lot cooler, but temperatures tomorrow only in the low to mid-90s, not the upper 90s to lower. tomorrow, you feel the difference. and sunday, looks like a pretty nice, warm, but lower humidity air coming in for the weekend. north winds on the bay, that should do it at 5 to 10. bay temp at 84 degrees. tonight, still have a chance. a thunderstorm, probably until at least midnight. 74 overnight. and still rather humid. 90 to 95 tomorrow. so it will be cooler, still hot. but less humid. and you feel the difference, certainly by the afternoon.
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and tomorrow night, looks like weather. pleasant night, as far as heat and humidity are concerned. >> good. >> thank you, bob. stir still ahead on eyewitness news at 6:00. pie attack. rupert murdoch hit in the face by a strange attack. why the man said he did it and the charges he faces. i'm alex demetrick coming up. massive last flight for maryland, searching for bad air. that story as eyewitness news continue. and once again on the breaking news. the house has just passed one version of the debt release plan. a live update is ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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if is just after 6:30. 100 degrees out. and it's hot. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talk being tonight. breaking news, as wjz told you, just moments ago, the house of representatives has passed a version of the debt release plan. mike hellgren is following developments from washington from the newsroom. mike? >> and that is the republican version. it passed by 218 votes.
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however, the president has said he will veto it. and democrats in the senate say it does not have enough votes to pass there. so essentially, there is still no deal at this time. and many marylanders are telling us, they're fed up. >> reporter: the frustration at the lack of a debt deal in washington spilled out onto streets across america. >> i think that we should all be descending on them. in washington right now. >> this is our country, after all. it's not just those politicians in this country. >> reporter: marylanders are sounding off. >> now it's americans -- time for americans to stand up for what we believe in. i believe we need a balanced budget. you have to balance your budget, i have to balance mine. >> it's ridiculous. it's like kindergarten. they just can't agree on one thing. >> reporter: but many worry the leaders on both sides aren't listening. >> i'm independent. but i lean more toward being conserve conservative.
6:33 pm
but i think the republicans need to bend a little. >> they are going to do what they want. >> reporter: with 1.6 million marylanders on medicare and medicaid, 850,000 on social security, and thousands more part of the federal work force, the consequences could be dire. >> if the economy collapses scrult of -- as a result of this inaction on the part of the federal government, sure it will count. these people need to do the job they were elected to do, like we're doing here in baltimore county. >> reporter: the message is clear, and marylanders are mincing no words. get this deal done. >> could we be like greece? could we be like ireland? what's going to happen? nobody knows. >> two and two is four, not three. come on, people. >> like everybody, i'm tired of the gridlock and nothing changing, ever. >> reporter: so the two big sticking points are that the republicans have a balanced budget amendment in their version.
6:34 pm
and they also want another vote in this sometime in january, which would put us in the same scenario. senate democrats have their own plan. ask they expect to take a vote on that sometime over the next weekend. reporting live, mike hellgren. >> wjz is following this very important story. we'll bring you the latest developments as they unfold. check in tonight at 11:00, for a complete wrap-up. updating breaking news for you now. a helicopter crash. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene. let's go to mike perry for the latest. >> reporter: hello, mike. we're in the 4,000 block of conowingo. a huge helicopter has apparently landed hard. and chopped off its tail. you can see it has collapsed onto the ground. all three main rotor blades are broken. the aircraft has crashed down onto its left side. and you can see some damage to the cockpit area of this very
6:35 pm
small, single, two-engine -- or single-engine, two-passenger helicopter. at this point, it is not clear what caused this aircraft to land hard and crash as it has. we do know that the operator of the helicopter is transported to a local area hospital. harford memorial hospital, with what is said to be nonlife threatening injuries. the faa is being contacted to investigate this crash. marylanders are on the scene, maintaining a scene. and we do have harford county fire officials that have also remained here. but at this point, it is not clear what caused this single engine helicopter. back to you on tv hill. >> okay. thank you, captain mike perry. reporting live from sky eye chopper 13. >> it is, of course, hard to breathe on summer days. but it's perfect for nasa's last flight over our area. to sample flight pollution. >> alex demetrick reports, the
6:36 pm
study might even help reduce it. >> reporter: for most of july, nasa's large aircraft has been cruising the i-95 corridor. between d.c. on board, instruments and scientists have been sampling and collecting maryland's air. >> the aircraft is flying eight hours over a fairly small area. so we're really understanding all of the parameters that make up air quality. >> reporter: that includes measurements being taken down at ground level because it's between here and the planes circling above that air pollution is something of a blind spot. nasa satellites do a good job of seeing it high up. >> we'll be able to understand better, how to interpret a satellite measurement, to say in a better way, what's down at nose level. >> reporter: and it didn't take instruments to see elevated pollution. hot, humid weather, combined with what comes out of tailpipes and smoke stacks. >> reporter: days like today may be perfect for studying bad air. but they're not so great for
6:37 pm
breathing. >> absolutely. the code orange, code red days. people complaining of sinus congestion, nose and eyes are burning. and the asthmatics. they've had to increase their medicines. >> reporter: how that bad air forms, layers and moves and being collected not only from multiple altitudes but multiple agencies. >> trying to not only track it to its source, but probably more importantly to understand the processes that enhance the pollution. >> reporter: steps could be taken to someday reducing it. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> even though today marks the last of the low-level flights, nasa researchers say it will take a year to fully analyze what they have been collecting over maryland. ex-astronaut lisa nowak who made bizarre altercation over the romance of a rival. is out of a job. >> reporter: lisa nowak of maryland is no longer in the
6:38 pm
navy. she was forced to retire dishonorably. you may remember, nowak drove from houston to orlando, to confront a rival. she was dismissed as an astronaut and got a year of probation. since being fired from nasa, she had been working as the chief of air naval station. >> during her time at nasa, nowak flew as a mission specialist on the space shuttle discovery mission back in july 2006. the tropical storm is expected to hit the bone dry texas coast late tonight or tomorrow. many people are welcoming the rain. coastal residents hope it doesn't last long. manuel gallegus reports for wjz from corpus christi. >> reporter: clouds and a tropical storm are not what the kirby family had in mind for their vacation. >> we had sunshine, pretty weather. the boy can play and have some fun. get out of the car and go back
6:39 pm
in the other direction. >> reporter: tropical storm don is expected to dump 1 to 4 inches of rain across southern texas, with wind gusts up to 50 miles approximate are hour. that's far weaker than a hurricane. so most tourists and locals have no plan of evacuating. >> just looking forward to the rain we need anyway. >> reporter: any rain will be welcome in drought-strickenof texas. the nation's second largest food-producing state has been struggling to keep the crops alive. >> reporter: texas is dry. the soil feels more like sand. about 70% are classified in very poor condition. >> reporter: at the prukop family farm, thousands of acres desperately need rain. >> it's been pretty tough on us. we hope to make ends meet this year. >> reporter: but the timing of this storm is potentially devastating for the cotton, which could be ruined by too. wind and water.
6:40 pm
>> reporter: they're now harvesting as much of their drought-damaged crop as they can before the storm. once the cotton is gone, james prukop is hoping for a rainy summer and fall. but that's not what they want at the beach. in corpus christi, texas, manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> complete coverage continues with bob turk, tracking the storm right now. bob? >> all right. rain is already reaching that southern area of texas. and they're going to see some decent rain. two to four inches. they really do need it. there it comes. to corpus christi and brownsville. going to hit into the mountains of mexico. eventually, at least some portions of texas will see that rain, much needed. now, as far as the tracking goes, it is moving off, as you can see, to the west/northwest. picked up speed. it's not a big, big strong storm. in fact, it's small. essentially, it's a good rain storm. looks like the bulk of it is going to be headed for northern mexico. they'll probably see some flooding. it's going to make landfall
6:41 pm
very shortly later on this evening. for our region, somewhat cooler air headed for the weekend. i'll have the forecast coming up. kai? >> all right, bob. thank you. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find at the baltimore sun. a controversial move at the university of baltimore law school raises questions about how the school funds are being used. a look at the historic stemmer house, which is about to go up for auction. and a recap of a very busy weekend in sports. for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for tomorrow's forecast. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. locked in a box and left to die. a shocking case of child abuse. bob turk, first warning weather center. some relief, yes, this weekend. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. wjz 13 is always on. for the top stories on, instant updates and first warning weather all the time, go to ,,,,,,
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her family claimed it was all a game. 4 people are under arrest in the death of a 10-year-old
6:45 pm
girl, who police say was forced into a box for punishment. family members had first said she was playing hide and seek. but detectives are now calling her death a homicide. the man who threw a pie in the face of rupert murdoch is facing scandal. murdoch's wife shielded her son from the attacker. earlier, jonathan may bold, pleaded guilty in causing assault and harassment. bob schieffer has a preview coming up on the evening news. they have a type of cancer that's very curable. so why are so few patients getting the proper care. the results of a shocking new study. and the story is tonight on the cbs ev,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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another steamy summer evening across the region. a look at what is in store for the weekend. bob turk has a look at the forecast. if you're out there. >> doesn't look like ocean city will see too much of that activity. this weekend down there, a lot of sun. just a few clouds. temperatures. ocean city? somewhere we had ocean city forecast. somewhere. anyway.
6:49 pm
there you go. 91. and 88 on sunday. water temperature in the mid- 70s. all right. around here tomorrow, starts offer in the 70s. gets up to the low, maybe mid- 90s some spots. it will also be less humid by afternoon and evening. still stays warm. but also, not all that humid for sunday and monday, and tuesday and wednesday. again, in the low 90s. again, that still is 4 to 6 degrees above average for this time of year. >> all right. thank you very much, bob. mark is live with the latest ,,,
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
let's see how hot it is at the ranks training complex. >> how much are concerns for injuries for the coaches and players? >> very much a concern today. today, was, indeed, a scorcher. i saw both treated for cramps and exhaustion. it was that kind of a day for the ravens. now, earlier in the news, we heard from the ravens top draft pick, jimmy smith, as he made his training camp debut. another player made his training camp debut. he also was a year ago, talking about linebacker, sergio kindle. kindle suited up for the first time as a pro today, making a comeback from that serious head
6:53 pm
injury that he suffered when he fell downstairs, after he was drafted last april. he missed all of last year. and his career was considered in jeopardy. but he was cleared to play today. and talked about his emotions and physical toll of first day of training camp. >> it felt great. you know, i had my feelings about coming out for the first time in the year and some change. and now, i was expecting for it to be a great feeling. but we ain't -- excuse me, when you haven't done football in so as long, drills and running is one thing. but when asked to get out there and do actual football stuff, when you put helmets and things on, it's bad. so i had to get my legs back under me again. but i'm starting to feel better with every play. >> reporter: and coming up tomorrow, more heat. kindle and the ravens will put on pads for their first full contact practice. that's the next big step in kindle's comeback. free agent news.
6:54 pm
officially former agents, willis mcgahee to sign with the broncos. and leahy will go to the jacksonville jaguars. the most coveted free agent on the market is quarterback amanda. he is headed to philadelphia after eight seasons with the raiders. we're going to hope you keep track of all of the off season transactions. go to our website, log on and follow everything on the free agent tracker. baseball news to pass along. there is no rest for the orioles after they lose two out of three for toronto, it doesn't get any easier. they're in new york to take on the series. jeremy guthrie will be the orioles starter in the bronx. birds are yet to beat the yankees this season. aj burnet will throw. first pitch coming up in 10 minutes. and this reminder, it's masn on wjz this weekend.
6:55 pm
see the o's and yankees tomorrow. sunday afternoon, here on wjz. ask finally, bad news for annapolis, motor sports star travis posanna. he's having surgery to repair broken foot, suffered when he crash-landed at the x games last night. this will keep him from making his nascar autoracing debut. he was scheduled to drive in the nationwide series in annapolis. he vows to be back, racing a car later this year. that's why they call them daredevils. football players, kind of the same. they're padded up, but it is hot. we'll be back here tomorrow. ,,,
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be sure to tune in tonight on cbs. 10:00, catch blue bloods, followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. that's it for us tonight. >> i'm denise koch. >> i'm kai jackson, for bob and mark. thank you for watching wjz. don't go away. much more ahead on the cbs evening news with scott pelley, including >> schieffer: tonight, we are almost out of time. that was president obama's warning as congress groped for a way to avoid a government default. car makers agree to double the
6:59 pm
mileage their vehicles get, but jim axelrod reports it will take a while and there's a catch. it's a diagnosis nobody wants to here. >> he says "you have bladder cancer" and you could feel the room spinning. >> schieffer: then it got worse. dr. jon lapook on why bladder cancer patients almost never get the recommended treatment. and a pilot crashed into like huron. >> i'm, like, oh, my god, you survived a plane crash, now you're going to drown. >> schieffer: then came the hard part: lasting 18 hours in 10-foot waves. dean reynolds has his amazing survival story. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> schieffer: good evening. scott is off tonight, i'm bob schieffer. the house finally passed the republican plan to raise the debt limit tonight, but that's just one step and the days are now dwindling down to a p


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